my top 4 perfume.

Wanted to share with you my all time favorite perfumes that I would buy over and over again. The kind you would get a lot of compliment on and the kind that would weaken someone’s knees as you walk across the room with that heavenly scent and definitely the kind that would make you irresistible to a man ♥♥♥


My mom wears this and I love this smell on her! As they say Mothers are always right and she’s definitely got it right with this gorgeous perfume!

• Top notes: Creamy florals meet exotic spices. The mix of dewy freesia and Moroccan incense conjures up images of Hawaii, St. Barth’s, and Marrakech.
• Middle notes: Tuberose, blue orris, white wings peony, and arum lilies carries you to New York, London, and Beverly Hills.
• Bottom notes: Cashmere woods, musk, and vetiver, notes which bring to life the glamorous nightlife of Palm Beach and St. Tropez.


I got this as a gift on christmas and while it’s tricky to buy the right perfume for women, they got it right with this one! An empty bottle now!

  • Heart notes: Iris, Bulgarian rosebud 
  • Top notes:Green sap, pink grapefruit
  • Base notes: Heliotrope, Solar wood 


I really can’t get over this smell…it’s sooo sensual and sexy…one of my dear favorites and definitely got a lot of compliment using this. I need to restock on this perfume asap, another empty bottle!

  • Heart notes: Peony, rose, mandarin orange and woodsy notes


My all time favorite, its a classic that you can wear for so many years. This perfume is the kind that weakens every knees in the room either men or women! So refreshing, classy and feminine.

  • Top Note: Orange, Bergamot
  • Middle Note: Rose, Jasmine
  • Base Note: Patchouli, Vetiver

Would love to know your favorite perfume, drop in a comment ♥♥♥

  1. natasha said:

    I have Micheal Kors and Stella McCartney… Great minds think alike 😀

    • I need to get the stella one SOON! down to my very last drop 😦

  2. zeina said:

    i love j’adore dior , it’s so refreshing…:) and for the evening, i use chopard classy

    • J’adore is a classic ♥ the chopard in a purple heart shape bottle? xx

      • zeina said:

        yes dear 🙂

  3. rasha said:

    girlie.. the perfumes chosen r all my favourite.. at the moment im wearing Alien which im obsessed with but my ultimate favourite is CHANEL which is also your number one!..

    there is a very amazing perfume only found in the arab world which is called Montale and they do amazing Musks and subtle arab 3oud which is very nice and sexy!..

    im perfume-obsessed 🙂

    • Alien is very nice!! I just received it as a gift! will start trying it as soon! I’m gonna google Montale, how did u find out about it? xx

      • rasha said:

        well i got it as a gift from arab clients whose children come to the nursery and ever since ive just been in love. the one i use is a rose 3oud musk and if u spray it with coco mademoiselle husni will not let u go and will want to smell u non stop 😉

        if u do ever see it or smell it let me know. they have a vast number of various perfumes and it is very unique which is what i like about it as no one else can smell the same 🙂 xxxx

  4. Skinny said:

    In case you’re interested in men’s perfumes, here is my top list:

    #4 Givenchy blue label
    #3 Dolce & Gabbana light blue
    #2 Aramani Code
    #1 Acqua Di Gio

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