beauty tip of the week.

In the kitchen, you would not realize how many items makes a great natural beauty treatment. The strange looks I got, when I walked in and took a bottle of Rose water to my room and it has never returned to the kitchen since! I have been using Rose water daily now as a part of my skincare regime for the past few weeks and I’m loving its benefits!

-It makes a great toner, daily regular applications helps to tighten the pores, reduce appearance of fine lines.
-Its NATURAL 100% no chemicals or weirdly named ingredients. 100% pure rose water.
-Helps cleaning up clogged pores, oil and dirt and keeps your skin clear from acne and pimples.
-Keeps your skin matte
– Cleansing property of rose water leads to a healthy skin!
-Reveals your skin natural radiance.
– It is the best agent to hold on to your youthful skin.
-Can prevent skin irritations and sun burn

To get the maximum benefit of rose water,  apply it everyday on a cotton ball, sweep across the face and neck in the morning before you apply your moisturizer and at night after removing make-up, before going to sleep. It helps treat the skin off all the impurities it has collected in the whole day.  You can also keep it a spray bottle and spray it throughout the day to refresh your skin. Even you can put a little in your water and drink it, works greater inside out.

Find it in your local supermarket, any brands, just check the ingredients to make sure its 100% rose water and it barely costs much.

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  1. farah said:

    will starting doing that!!

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