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Wanted to share with you my all time favorite perfumes that I would buy over and over again. The kind you would get a lot of compliment on and the kind that would weaken someone’s knees as you walk across the room with that heavenly scent and definitely the kind that would make you irresistible to a man ♥♥♥


My mom wears this and I love this smell on her! As they say Mothers are always right and she’s definitely got it right with this gorgeous perfume!

• Top notes: Creamy florals meet exotic spices. The mix of dewy freesia and Moroccan incense conjures up images of Hawaii, St. Barth’s, and Marrakech.
• Middle notes: Tuberose, blue orris, white wings peony, and arum lilies carries you to New York, London, and Beverly Hills.
• Bottom notes: Cashmere woods, musk, and vetiver, notes which bring to life the glamorous nightlife of Palm Beach and St. Tropez.


I got this as a gift on christmas and while it’s tricky to buy the right perfume for women, they got it right with this one! An empty bottle now!

  • Heart notes: Iris, Bulgarian rosebud 
  • Top notes:Green sap, pink grapefruit
  • Base notes: Heliotrope, Solar wood 


I really can’t get over this smell…it’s sooo sensual and sexy…one of my dear favorites and definitely got a lot of compliment using this. I need to restock on this perfume asap, another empty bottle!

  • Heart notes: Peony, rose, mandarin orange and woodsy notes


My all time favorite, its a classic that you can wear for so many years. This perfume is the kind that weakens every knees in the room either men or women! So refreshing, classy and feminine.

  • Top Note: Orange, Bergamot
  • Middle Note: Rose, Jasmine
  • Base Note: Patchouli, Vetiver

Would love to know your favorite perfume, drop in a comment ♥♥♥

A month ago, I asked my fiance what his favorite desert is, as we all know the greatest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

He told me that he loves cheesecake and being the obsessive perfectionist that I am, I set out to the make the best cheesecake ever known to a man!

But one thing you have to know, for all the women out there, nothing can simply beat his mother’s food, even if you did a better job, you really don’t come close to her! Their sentences always ends with ‘but mom makes the BEST….’.

Its ok to be second best in this case..accept it and move on…I know I did..

I hunted for cheesecake recipes online..and boy was I confused by the variety! So I went back to him and asked him what his favorite cheesecake topping was….”blueberry”

So I scoured all over the internet for a berry cheesecake. I wanted something simple and quick to prepare…no complicated weights and measuring flour and eggs thats bound to be a disaster. (Maths isn’t my forte). I found a lot of recipes that uses eggs and they bake their cheesecakes until its all wobbly! (Do I want to wait anxiously outside the oven on my knees and poking the cheesecake with a toothpick to see if it’s done….no thank you..)

Don’t worry…I wont do that to you either! Here is my no bake cheesecake version that my fiance loved! Daring to ask if it was better than his mom’s…he said ‘only cause you used real berries, mom didn’t do that’. Now thats how you get to his heart


No bake berry cheesecake 


-McVites Digestive original biscuit box 250g

– Lurpak butter 125g stick

– 3x 200g philadelphia cream cheese original

1 puck 250ml  thick cream (this is usually available in the Middle East, you can use nestle thick cream or any kind of thick cream if you couldn’t find puck)

3 tablespoon of icing powder sugar

1 Jar Blueberry jam (Hero brand is my favorite, but you can use other brands)

-a box of fresh blueberries and blackberries for toppings.

-a tablespoon of  Vanilla essence

-a cake tin


Put all digestives in the food processor and grind until smooth.

melt the butter in the pan (don’t burn it) then add the digestives from the food processor into the pan with melted butter.

make sure all the digestive is coated with the butter stir using a wooden spoon and cook on low fire for 5 mins.

add the biscuit mix onto the cake tin, use your hands or spoon to make a flat thick layer, cover the cake tin with cling flim and store in fridge.

Mix all the 3 tubs cream cheese and a tablespoon of vanilla essence and 3 tablespoon of icing sugar in mixing bowl with electric whisk, until smooth.  Then add the puck cream and whisk till its all mixed well.

Take the cake tin from the fridge, remove the cling film and add the cream cheese mix on top of the biscuit base and spread it around evenly. Cover with cling flim again and store in fridge OVERNIGHT. (the longer you leave it, the better the flavor.)

Before serving, spread blueberry jam (which should be stored in fridge beforehand) all over the cheesecake top and add fresh blackberries on top. Remove from the cake tin and place on a round plate to serve. Voila!

I really hope you guys try this out, it’s very easy and if you do please let me know how it went! p.s. The cheesecake picture is my actual berry cheesecake, not taken from web xxx

In the kitchen, you would not realize how many items makes a great natural beauty treatment. The strange looks I got, when I walked in and took a bottle of Rose water to my room and it has never returned to the kitchen since! I have been using Rose water daily now as a part of my skincare regime for the past few weeks and I’m loving its benefits!

-It makes a great toner, daily regular applications helps to tighten the pores, reduce appearance of fine lines.
-Its NATURAL 100% no chemicals or weirdly named ingredients. 100% pure rose water.
-Helps cleaning up clogged pores, oil and dirt and keeps your skin clear from acne and pimples.
-Keeps your skin matte
– Cleansing property of rose water leads to a healthy skin!
-Reveals your skin natural radiance.
– It is the best agent to hold on to your youthful skin.
-Can prevent skin irritations and sun burn

To get the maximum benefit of rose water,  apply it everyday on a cotton ball, sweep across the face and neck in the morning before you apply your moisturizer and at night after removing make-up, before going to sleep. It helps treat the skin off all the impurities it has collected in the whole day.  You can also keep it a spray bottle and spray it throughout the day to refresh your skin. Even you can put a little in your water and drink it, works greater inside out.

Find it in your local supermarket, any brands, just check the ingredients to make sure its 100% rose water and it barely costs much.