strong hair.

Finally I have found an amazing shampoo that prevents your hair from falling easily and makes your hair stronger!  If you run your hand through or brush your hair  and find lots of hair falling out then this shampoo is the solution! Plus it gave my hair an amazing shine and I definitely recommend it for men also! (I really wish men would take control of looking after their hair and skin as they neglect this the most, looking after yourself doesn’t make you any less macho!)

The Klorane shampoo with Quinine and B-vitamins is perfect for thinning and fine hair. The vitamin B complex (comprised of B5, B6, & B8) reinforce hair structure and stimulate growth and the quinine stimulates the activity of the hair bulb to revitalise the hair from the roots.The only downside of the shampoo is the smell, it smells like men shampoo but that didn’t put me off and it really doesn’t smell like it on your hair I promise especially if you put conditioner afterwards.

I found this shampoo at Mazen’s pharmacy Mazraa for 15 alef , they also sell them in most pharmacies and in Boots (UK and UAE).

Combined with multi vitamins or omega 3 vitamins and eating spinach, avocados, raw nuts such as walnuts (omega-3 fatty acid that helps condition your hair), brazil nuts (best sources of selenium, an important mineral for the health of your scalp) and almonds/cashews/pecans (a great source of Zinc, a zinc deficiency can lead to hair shredding) can give you stronger healthy hair! Go nuts!

I always add walnuts into feta cheese sandwiches or if I’m in the office i will order chicken avocado sandwich on multi cereal bread. Avocado is great for nourishing the hair and without protein one can experience weak brittle hair, so make sure to include a lot of lean turkey and chicken fish into your eating regime.

If you want to know anything about hair treatments or solutions or healthy eating, please please don’t hesitate to ask me

  1. AYSHFI said:

    Help me find the best shampoo / conditional for dull and dry hair:)

    • Try the Klorane Nourishing Treatment Shampoo with Mango Butter (which is rich in essential fatty acids to nourish hair while gently cleansing) and their Klorane Nourishing Condtioning Balm with Mango Butter I heard it is very good. Also i found them in Mazen’s pharmacy in mazraa. I’m gonna try them after I finish this Klorane shampoo I’m using now xx

  2. Sarsour said:

    Awesome Babe! Exactly what u need!
    I’ll definitely try it.
    What would we do without u???
    PS: “15 alef” LOOOOOOL CUTE!

  3. Krystel Ziade said:

    I tried the shampoo 🙂 and i saw the difference from the first use Really 🙂 thhhhhhhhhhhx 🙂

    btw if u collect 5 boxes, you get 1 shampoo for free

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