spring trends.

I am anxiously waiting for spring/summer to start and even turned up to the office wearing t shirts!  The weather forecast says its gonna rain this evening, no way jose! in my mind it’s spring and i want it to be spring and I’m absolutely certain that in march we will be going to the beach (that is if you live in lebanon, dubai people has already beaten us to it pffffff)

It’s time to say bye bye to socks and boots! I hate wearing socks in winter, cause when I get back home to get in my gym gear, you can see socks imprint on my ankle..not a good look with gym shorts. And if you live in lebanon, you know they look at you from foot to head and then back down to foot! Its a common habit around here and honestly if I do look at someone, its because I’m inspired by what they are wearing. In lebanon, there’s a pressure to look good all the time, if I’m meeting up with a friend of mine, she will msg me and say wear flats please!! I do like to get dolled up and get out of the work clothes and feel brand new and other times, I put whatever on cause I want to feel comfortable and not care. Winter season has made me realize how much i miss the simplicity of summer clothes, the lightness and comfort of a simple dress and sandal instead of drowning in layers of cardigans and scarves and scared of wearing suede boots in case it rains.

Thats why I’m soooooooooo relieved that winter is almost over!! Girls, it’s time to get our spring mode on, get your pen and paper ready, cause here’s a checklist of the spring must have that you need to take note of.

Citrus Colors

Time to stand out of the crowd, go for bold colorful pieces, turquoise/royal blue, orange hues, striking hot pink and lime yellow and there’s no rule that says you can’t wear 2 bold colors together.

Jumpsuits & Playsuit

Yes they are back and more playful than ever! Looking forward to wear this with wedges or simple flat sandals.

Flared Jeans

After a skinny jeans world domination it’s time to hide them away (thank god cos I couldn’t stand them in the summer). Sleek 70’s jeans are cool again, tuck a white shirt in and wear with heels to look longer and leaner.


Go crazy but not that crazy! Stick to one or two colors when mixing and matching.

  1. natasha said:

    love this article!!!!! yay for spring 😀 even though in Florida is basically summer all year round…. :S

  2. Bronwyn said:

    article is so awesome! Love citrus colours, high waist and flared not my favorite but will go with the trend and so get your comments about the socks – i was laughing I think all girls feel the same!

    • I feel like buying some bright floaty dress from forever 21! i miss it over there, fyi its been raining all week, I don’t think summer is coming any time soon 😦

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