Total ripped body workout.

Damn! This video below inspired me to go to the gym pronto, I want flat abs!! BUT I get really bored easily, especially on the treadmill and I can’t watch the TV screen they have at the gym, I get all dizzy running, panting and trying to look at the screen… AND those tv shows have arabic subtitles! (imagine going to a gym in china and trying to watch TV with no sounds but chinese subtitles, unless your super smart and you know chinese! then you’ll get my drift…) I always wonder how the people next to me running, can manage to read those arabic subtitles, its like trying to read a book while running! This is pretty much the thoughts I have on the treadmill, to stop me looking at the time and going ‘ AWWW ITS ONLY BEEN 7MINUTES??!! DAMNIT!’ I gotta think of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and those damn Victoria Secrets model and their perfect body to keep me going at the gym!

I think I’m gonna try out some of these workouts from this video from, some of them look totally doable, they said no rest between exercises….yeh we’ll see about that. Also I might skip the hanging raise (let’s not kid myself here, but I cant do a proper hanging raise as skillfully as a monkey so I might alternate for another workout)

Are you gonna give this a try??

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