Super healthy nachos.

I seriously love nachos, with the full works!! Guac and sour cream piled with everything. Every time we order it out, I literally hoover the whole thing into my stomach! But now I’m on a health kick, trying to be careful about what goes into my body, i know its easier said than done but seriously if you’re eating good on the inside, it will reflect that on that outside. Last week my skin was literally glowing, i was shocked…rarely this ever happens, as I always have to battle with dull skin that can only be temporarily saved with glowing creams. I realized i was eating a lot more walnuts, oatmeal (it’s high in iron, fiber,  phosphorous, manganese, calcium, silicon and vitamins B and E. which is great for the skin), avocados and strawberries! and taking multivitamins daily which all contributed to glowing skin!

This week I had a craving for nachos, so I decided to make my own healthy nachos at home, by using whole wheat tortilla wrap and grilling them in the oven, it tastes just as good as the ones you order out but half the fat and god knows what they put in it. This what scares me about eating out, not knowing how my food is being handled!

This recipe is great for movie nights or having a mexican feast at home, so healthy and easy to prepare.

Healthy Nachos

1 small onion
2 garlic cloves smashed
a small bowl of chopped cherry tomato
handful of chopped red kidney beans
1 spring onion chopped
handful chopped coriander
chili powder

1. Use about 3 to 4 layers of wholewheat flat tortilla wrap (I found mine in TSC Hazmieh), and using a pizza roll cutter cut them into nachos triangle shape.

2. Place foil paper on a wire rack and then place the nachos onto the foil, lay them out separately. spray with cooking spray and sprinkle a bit of sea salt on them and place them under the grill until its crisp and very light brown. Remember we are going to cook them again when we fill them later in with tomatoes and grated cheese, its important not to cook them too much otherwise u’l have burnt tortillas at a later stage (trust me, been there and learnt from it!)

Chop one small onion and smash up 2 garlic cloves and cook them on the stove medium fire, with a small spoonfull of olive oil, then add a handful of chopped cherry tomatoes onto the same pan. Chop up a handful of red kidney beans in half (I find kidney beans a bit heavy so i like to chop them up) you can use black beans as well if you like, mix them into pan, stirring constantly. then add a teaspoon of cumin and chili power (you can take out chili if you don’t like them, I find it gives it a kick) and some sea salt. Cook for about 8 mins til it resembles the picture below.

Pile them onto the lightly grilled nachos, and grate lots of Cheddar Cheese all over it, and pop back into the grill until the cheese has melted to your liking. Afterwards sprinkle chopped coriander and chopped spring onions! you can also add chopped Avocado but I’m going to give you my guacamole recipe below.


1 ripe avocado chopped,

1 big tablespoon of sour cream (if you didn’t find you can use low fat labneh)

very small handful of chopped coriander

a squeeze of lime (those who live in lebanon, lime is hard to find so its ok to use lemon) and a sprinkle of sea salt.

then mix it all up using a potato masher.

you can slightly see the guacamole bowl in the pic above! Its soooooooooo good! and gone in seconds!

Everything in this nachos is super healthy and benefits your health, well apart from the cheese hehe. It has tomatoes, avaocados, kidney beans, garlic, coriander and low fat fibre tortillas. Enjoy it guilt free!

Image credit: Can you stay for dinner

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  2. Hamada said:

    Woow you did this on your own, i love it . you should teach me how when u come to egypt

  3. Chahnaze said:

    Tried and tested yummy 🙂

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