Ultimate lower body workout

Targets: Lower back, Gluteus Maximus and Hamstrings (and Arms if done with dumbbells)

This is one of the best exercise for shaping your entire lower body. If you want hot legs and lower backside and good posture, do stability ball squats with dumbbells. Make sure you do it right! Your knees should not go over your toes when you lower your body. Do with dumbbells in each hand for challenging workout! This really works! Incorporate this into your workout 3 times a week.

Watch the video link below for a full demonstration. Within 2/3 weeks (depending how much you worked out), you’ll notice a sleek, sculpted lower body. Do you know any good workouts? Please share and leave a comment.

Stability Ball Exercises: Squat & Hammer Curls | eHow.co.uk.


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