Skin deep.

Finding good skincare can be really difficult..I have probably wasted so much money on trying different products and most of the time it never really makes a big difference. Its really important to have a skin routine on a daiy basis, cleanse tone and moisturise….I know that sounds boring and blah but its important! especially if you want to slow down our ageing process…lets face it we cant stay young and wrinkle free forever. Few years ago I went through an acne phase, which took a toll on my skin, red marks and scars..I didnt really have a skin routine at the time. Then I remember seeing those clinique 3 steps products adverts….once I tried it, I never looked back and I’m still using it til now…the face wash, the clarifying lotion then the moisturiser. The best product from the line is the Clarifying lotion. Its so much more than a lotion

Helps clear away pollution, dulling flakes for smooth, glowing skin. Helps pores look their smallest. Skin accepts moisture better. Grows more resistant to impurities. Stays healthier, younger. Dermatologist-reformulated to be comfortable, non-drying.

Even though I wash off my make up, using the clarifying lotion after,shows just how much make up and dirt is left behind on the skin even after we wash it. It really shocks me even til now. The lotion is great for cleaning the skin deep and helps to prevent spots breakout. Use it once or twice a day after washing ur face and before moisturising, onto a cotton ball and sweep around your face and neck and jawline.  Girls this is a must have lotion in your skin care regime and has great reviews worldwide!  I definitely also recommend the whole 3 steps products.

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