Cupcake obession.

Before going over to my best friend’s house to do her make up for an engagement party… I started dreaming about cupcakes in the car…(yes I daydream about food…dont judge!) I specifically wanted a carrot cupcake with cream cheese mmmmmm! so I told myself after doing her make up…I’l stop by sugar daddys cupcake bakery for my cream cheese fix! After confessing to my bestie abt my cupcake craving, she dragged me to her salon…where I found a peanut butter chocolate cupcake waiting for me!!! (I love you even more now bestie) From Cupcakery in Jean D’ Arc street, Hamra.

It is sooooo much better than Sugar Daddy’s and less sugary and not so heavy! Im in love!! and definitely going back for more! who wants to join me?

Check out their website and their menu

UPDATED: The chocolate ones are the best ones, choc orange or choc peanut buter

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  1. rasha said:

    ayoush, im loving the blog and all the essential info… please do post some bits on fashion and most importantly ur delish food with recipes (so that i can try doing them myself)…

    the set up is nice and keep it up.
    hugeeeee kisses and loving the graphics. will need your slight input on how to create things u did.

  2. Sarsour said:

    Passed by today but it was closed :'(.
    Can’t wait to buy some tomorrow 😀 😀 😀 😀
    Luv u Betsie 😉

  3. Rasha thank you so much hun, glad your loving my blog. I will definitely post some recipes this week, loving the idea to post some bits on fashion! Must do that soon!

    Sarah lets go together pretty pretty please 😀

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