Cocoa skin.

Winter time! which means dry skin and dry patches!! I don’t know about you but i definitely suffer from those! I went to Mazen pharmacy recently and came across the vaseline cocoa butter range, now for those of you who don’t know much about cocoa butter, it helps the skin in so many ways, it lubricates and protects the skin and also helps to fade scars!

Now the secret to using this vaseline body oil, is to use it in the SHOWER while your skin is still damp and then towel dry. Your skin will feel SUPER SOFT! I also dry brush (using Body Shop body brush) in the shower, this helps to remove dead skin layers, improve circulation and then I apply the vaseline oil gel for extra smoothness! It’s also great in the summer, making your tan glow! Has anyone ever tried it? What did you think?

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  1. NY said:

    Love the blog! Great stuff… So I actually bought two products from the Vasline Cocoa Butter line. I don’t have dry skin so I might not be the best person to give a review on this product. The Deep Conditioning Lotion I liked mostly becaouse of the smell, but didn’t notice any long lasting effect on my skin. I also purchased The Vitalizing Gel Body Oil (pictured above) and wouldn’t recommend it. It feels like it never really absorbs into your skin, like a greasy layer on your skin and you eventually give up and want to wipe off! I recently heard mineral oil and petrolatum (Vaseline) is very bad for your skin. Apparently not only does the production of it harm the environment, but when you put it on your skin, it creates a barrier that prevents oxygen getting to your skin. Doing that would mean you are basically killing your skin cells. That is why your skin feels dry after a short period of time and you need to apply more lotion. It is an endless cycle. There are a lot of mixed feelings out there about this but my thought process is if there is a natural alternative, I’m all for it. So I ended up buying Arbonne shea butter lotion and their ginger citrus body butter. I’m in love with their products and their philosphy. My skin feels great, smells great and I’m not sitting there wondering what I’m doing to my skin, if there’s animal by products or mineral oil in the products I’m using. I’m not sure if that brand is available everywhere but I’m sure you can find natural products from other brands. Hope this helps!

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